Pain Relief & Healing Center, LLC

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INCLUDES: Detailed intake of medical history, comprehensive hands-on assessment to determine areas of dysfunction, development of treatment plan, an estimation of how many restorative sessions will be required, and when you can expect to begin seeing improvements. This also includes a referral to other colleagues if appropriate.

Plan for 60 minutes.


MYOSKELETAL SESSIONS:      Full Body - $55 (50-60 min. hands-on)

(must first complete Initial AssessmentHalf Body - $35 (25-30 min. hands-on)   

During these sessions, we will work together to realign the areas of dysfunction present in your body. While this is not a "relaxation massage", it will be relaxing and will not increase your pain. They are interactive sessions and we will be communicating about what is happening throughout our time together. These may be performed in a seated position, or by lying on either your back, stomach, or side. If  needed, a customized home program will be developed to include the stretches, exercises,  and manual techniques used to correct your dysfunction so that you may                                                                     maintain your results at home.

PREVENTION SESSIONS: pricing same as above
(must first complete an Initial Assessment)
Not in pain? Come in to take care of problem areas before they become painful. Complete an Initial Assessment, then schedule Myoskeletal Sessions to start addressing your specific needs. It's much easier (and less costly!) to prevent than to repair.